[Pdns-users] SRV records do not transfer correctly

NoBloat bloat at grounded.net
Sat Mar 4 18:56:48 UTC 2017

Hi Brian,

I'm using Poweradmin 2.7.1.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'what form of replication'. What information could I give which would answer this?

To the other person who responded to this post.
I didn't post this twice, I'm not sure what you are talking about sorry.
In terms of obfuscating, sorry but all I obfuscated was the actually domain name. The rest of the records show clearly. I cannot post private information which I do not own.

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On 04/03/2017 16:03, NoBloat wrote:
> the SRV records are showing up but there are some weird ones that show up also.
> So far, I've not had much luck with SRV and especially NAPTR records.

What backend are you using, and what form of replication are you using 
from master to slave?

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