[Pdns-users] about pdns_recursor's qps questinons.

韩凯 hankai17 at 126.com
Thu Mar 2 03:51:24 UTC 2017

Hello master:
      3 months ago , I downloaded pdns-recursor-4.0.3 . it run well on Centos6.8. Well . good . I had add some functions , such as filtrating some special
domain name . To achieve this goal . I designed a class nemed dns_conf , in the dns_conf class , I  read some configure files to load some variables .
But, I WAN TO RELOAD MYSELF CONFIG FILES WITHOUT RESTART ./pdns_recursor .Master, could you give me some suggestions?
     I found 4 "load" commands : reload-lua-script , reload-lua-config , reload-acls and reload zones . then I read the code one by one , I found that : they 
used broadcastXXX functions(broadcastAccFunction() and broadcastFunction() ) , except "reload-lua-config" command . so I was confused , I dont know 
how to model .
    there are my configure file style :
# cat /usr/domain-black-list 
   I used "vector<std::string>" to storage those variables . and  using it in pdns_recursor.cc:doprocessUDPQuestion() . 
   Master , could you give me some suggestions? 
   Sincerely .

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