[Pdns-users] Where is the database schema?

NoBloat bloat at grounded.net
Wed Mar 1 23:38:15 UTC 2017

Actually, I've now decided that I will create a two server setup. 
A master slave setup to replicate records and have DNS redundancy.
Once I have these working, I'll point GoDaddy to my DNS servers and disable theirs.

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On 28/02/2017 22:33, NoBloat wrote: 

Then in your pdns server create zone dynamic.example.com, and names within it like foo.dynamic.example.com That would be nice and simple but I need the dynamics to be 123.domain.com, 345.domain.com, etc. 
I think it sounds like my only option is to try learning enough about pdns to become default dns servers. 

Yes indeed - or else use the godaddy API to create/update those records. 

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