[Pdns-users] Monitoring question

NoBloat bloat at grounded.net
Tue Feb 28 22:29:14 UTC 2017

I have the following installed; pdns 4.0.3-1pdns.el7
On a centos7 server.

The manual at;

Says to start the monitor;
/etc/init.d/pdns monitor

I have no such service, mine is installed in;

The only 'monitor' option I see when checking the help file for pdns_server is;

  --webserver | --webserver=yes | --webserver=no
        Start a webserver for monitoring

Needless to say, searching the net for such keywords leads to countless unrelated things.

How do I monitor this server? I am also using tail on the /var/log/messages file but I suspect there is more to be seen based on the first url I've posted.

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