[Pdns-users] install version 3.4.5 on Ubuntu 16.04

Seyed Hossein Mortazavi mortazavi at ualberta.ca
Sat Feb 18 00:58:28 UTC 2017

I need to install pdns-server and pdns-backend-mysql 3.4.5 on Ubuntu 16.04.
If I use the following command:

sudo apt-get install pdns-backend-mysql
then version 4 will be installed. I need version 3.4.5

Also this also won't work:

sudo apt-get install pdns-backend-mysql=3.4.5
(other combinations such as 3.4.5-1build2_amd64 also don't work).

I can find the package here:

But if I download it and use dpkg -i to install it with apt-get -f install,
then it would still install version 4.

*Unpacking pdns-backend-mysql (4.0.3-1pdns.xenial) over (3.4.5-1build2)*

Does anyone know what I need to do?

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