[Pdns-users] PowerDNS Backend MySQL QPS

Genzo Rey lionheart91091 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 20:41:37 UTC 2016

Dear All,


I'm looking for new Nameserver solutions for my company. I build 1 VPS
PowerDNS 512 MB RAM and 1 VPS MySQL 512MB RAM to test performance (qps).
This is my results:


[Status] Sending queries (to

[Status] Started at: Tue Jul 19 02:58:04 2016

[Status] Stopping after 1 run through file

[Status] Testing complete (end of file)




  Queries sent:         100000

  Queries completed:    100000 (100.00%)

  Queries lost:         0 (0.00%)


  Response codes:       NOERROR 57019 (57.02%), NXDOMAIN 42981 (42.98%)

  Average packet size:  request 35, response 66

  Run time (s):         46.909183

  Queries per second:   2131.778761


  Average Latency (s):  0.046852 (min 0.002626, max 0.079728)

 Latency StdDev (s):   0.002579


I thinks this qps is too low. Can you tell me how to boost performance of my
Nameserver (pdns.conf, increase RAM - CPU, .). Can you show me what is most
important in PowerDNS (CPU, RAM, HDD or SSD, .)

I'm just a newbie and I need more help to build our Nameserver. Thanks very
much for any help and sorry so much because my poor English.


Thanks & Best Regards,



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