[Pdns-users] CNAMEs to non-local names with authoritative server as recursor

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Fri Jan 29 04:27:49 UTC 2016


I am using pdns-static-3.4.4-1.x86_64, and I have a pipe backend which modifies local records based on the clients location in the network.  This means I need the authoritative server in front of the recursor so I can get their IP address.  The backend only handles the request if it finds an A records, otherwise it just sends END so it falls through, and pdns itself looks up the record in the database.  This works great, but I have a problem when it comes to serving CNAMEs that aren't local.  If they are local, it works fine.  For non-local records, from what I can see, the answer comes back from the database like server-1009579898.us-west-1.elb.amazonaws.com., then the server loops over the answer to find everything up to .com, finds nothing in the database, but I don't think it ever reaches out to the recursor.  It then returns nothing to the client.  I suppose that makes sense as an authoritative server, but is there any way to get this situation to work?  


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