[Pdns-users] GSQLBackend lookup query:Attempt to bind more parameters

Palm Internet admin at palmsecure.biz
Mon Dec 12 08:50:06 UTC 2016

Hi guys


After updating my PDNS and eventually getting V4.0.1 up and running, I get
the following error


Backend reported permanent error which prevented lookup (GSQLBackend lookup
query:Attempt to bind more parameters than query has: SELECT
content,ttl,prio,type,domain_id,disabled,name,auth FROM records WHERE
disabled=0 and type=? and name=?), aborting


I have added distributor-threads=10 but after about the first 5 queries I
get the same error again. The dns server is still running and answering


The dns server is connecting to a dedicated mysql server. My other dns
server is running V3.3 but does not have this issue


Any ideas please.


Many thanks


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