[Pdns-users] Install and setup on Ubuntu server 16.04

Palm Internet admin at palmsecure.biz
Sun Dec 11 09:42:21 UTC 2016

Hi Guys

I am having major issues getting PDNS-server with mysql backend to run on
Ubuntu server 16.04


I am using a 64 bit op system 


Installing is fine and I can get the server to run. However it keeps failing
to answer queries


Using gmysql and connecting to the database on a separate server or even
having the database on the local server pdns starts and distributes the
threads with no issues but it always fails when testing to retrieve the


I am using the database from the earlier version of PDNS database, I have
also imported all the records into the new version of the pdns database


Still it fails to answer queries


Pdns local conf is straight forward and as follows








Any help would be appreciated. I have removed the installation and am about
to start again


Many thanks


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