[Pdns-users] Is PowerDNS IPv4 only?

Aki Tuomi cmouse at youzen.ext.b2.fi
Tue Oct 6 04:20:35 UTC 2015

On Mon, Oct 05, 2015 at 05:02:24PM -0300, Thiago Farina wrote:
> Reading the source code it seems to be still IPv4 specific, it uses
> sockaddr_in instead of sockaddr_storage.
> Are there plans to support IPv6?
> -- 
> Thiago Farina

Interesting way to determine IPv6 support... PowerDNS has full IPv6 support,
inbound and outbound. 


you can see various IPv6 related settings here. 

Just because we use separate variables for ipv4 and ipv6 addresses does not
mean it is not supported =)


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