[Pdns-users] Odp: Re: Domains created on master are not created on slave.

kamil kapturkiewicz horizn at wp.pl
Fri Nov 6 15:17:57 UTC 2015

Dnia Pi±tek, 6 Listopada 2015 15:35 Pieter Lexis <pieter.lexis at powerdns.com> napisa³(a) 
> Hi Kamil,
> On 11/06/2015 12:44 PM, kamil kapturkiewicz wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I've just installed and configured PowerDNS with MySQL backend and NSEDIT frontend. The problem is, that every domain added on master NS is not added on slave dns server.
> > 
> > master dns server log:
> > 
> > Nov  6 10:53:03 master-ns pdns[17257]: 1 domain for which we are master needs notifications
> > Nov  6 10:53:13 master-ns pdns[17257]: Queued notification of domain 'domain' to
> > 
> > where is IP address of slave dns server.
> > 
> > slave dns server log:
> > 
> > Nov  6 10:49:29 slave-ns pdns[14648]: Received NOTIFY for domain from for which we are not authoritative
> > Nov  6 10:49:29 slave-ns pdns[14648]: Unable to find backend willing to host domain for potential supermaster 2 remote nameservers:
> Judging by your config, is not setup as supermaster in the
> slave's config. If you don't intent to use the supermaster feature, you
> need to add the domain to-be-slaved to the slave's "domain" table with
> type "slave".
> -- 
> Pieter Lexis
> PowerDNS.COM BV - https://www.powerdns.com

Hi Pieter,
Yes indeed, just added supermaster and it seems to be working as expected. One more thing is concerning me:
Do I need run manually:
INSERT INTO domains (name, master, type) VALUES ('example.com', 'IP', 'SLAVE');
for every newly added domain?
Is it possible to add global master IP address which will be accepted for all future domains?


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