[Pdns-users] API issue

Jan-Piet Mens jpmens.dns at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 11:30:17 UTC 2015

> *Mar 05 06:04:28 Fatal error: Trying to set unexisting parameter
> 'webserver-allow-from'*

IIRC (I don't feel like going back to study all this) you've been
telling us all the time that all was fine...

Before bothering with the API, make sure your PowerDNS server starts
without errors. Check the documentation. If you've built this yourself,
make sure you build with the necessary options to enable the features
you need. Otherwise grab a built package from the PowerDNS downloads
page as these include what you're probably missing.

When that's done, step by step, go on to the next step.


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