[Pdns-users] NS records number per zone.

Margus Kiting margus.kiting at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 06:57:21 UTC 2015


I'm experiencing strange problem with my superslave powerdns version 3.4.2
using sqlite3 backend.

I have one large zone, that has many NS records, about 200 and the problem
is, that this zone is not created on the superslave server automatically.

Unable to find backend willing to host zone.name for potential supermaster
master.ip.address. 15 remote nameservers:

If I define the zone manually to slave server and send out notification
from master nameserver, all data is correctly added to slave server.

I have many zones in supermaster server that have 6 NS records defined and
these are working perfectly.

I could not find any restrictions for NS record number in RFC documents.

Is is possible that powerdns server has some kind of limitation how many NS
records can be read on first zone transfer after master notification and
decide if the superslave server is listed for zone creation?

I hope that the problem description is not confusing.

Thank You in advance!
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