[Pdns-users] Currently using distro packages, want to update

Nick Williams nicholas at nicholaswilliams.net
Thu Feb 12 15:00:30 UTC 2015

I try to always use software packages from my distro package managers (OpenSUSE zypper and CentOS yum) when I can, because it's easier and it resolves all my dependencies for me. I pretty much never manually deal with RPMs (so please forgive some of my ignorance).

But my distro is currently on PDNS Authoritative 3.1, and upgrading my OS isn't anywhere on my radar right now. I want to get to 3.4.2, so (I think) I'll need to forego the package manager and install the RPM packages manually (if there are alternatives, I'm all ears). Some questions:

- Since I won't have auto dependency management, what dependencies do I need installed to install PDNS from RPM?

- Does pdns-static-3.4.2-1.x86_64.rpm _just_ install the binaries, or does it install the service, too, so that I can call `service pdns start` and configure the service to start automatically on boot? If the RPM doesn't do that, is there documentation / what is the recommended way to install PDNS as a service when installed manually with an RPM?

- Should I just be able to uninstall the package using my package manager and then install the RPM as a drop-in replacement?

Thanks in advance for putting up with my lack of knowledge!


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