[Pdns-users] Disable slave seems impossible

Giuseppe Ravasio giuseppe_ravasio at egontek.net
Mon Aug 24 12:46:59 UTC 2015

I'm setting up two PowerDNS authoritative servers (Let's say ONE and
TWO) with MySQL backend and replication in Master-Master mode.

- 99% of domains will be in native mode
- some domains need to be in Master mode because they also have other NS
records or are hidden primary
- some domains need to be in Slave mode, because the customer is running
the master

Therefore I set on ONE:
master = yes
slave = no

And on TWO:
master = yes
slave = yes

I set the only-notify because I do not need TWO to notify third party
DNS servers when acting as master.

It's all working fine except from the fact that also ONE tries to get
updated zones for the domains configured as SLAVE, even if I've put in
the config slave = no.

I'm missing something?
Setting "slave = no" isn't supposed to make pdns ignore all the records
with type set as SLAVE?

Thank you

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