[Pdns-users] Unnecessary full zone transfer from PostgreSQL backend.

Scott Bragg walkingbear at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 15:15:59 UTC 2015

I have what I hope is a simple question.  We're running the Authoritative
server v3.2 as our masters with a Postgres backend.   Our SOA TTL on our
domains is set to 2 minutes because we do a lot of changes and need those
to propagate quickly to our customers.

My question is about the way the masters retrieve the zone data from the
database.   It seems that every 2 minutes, the masters pull a complete zone
file data set from the database even if there have been no changes to the

I see the query for the SOA record  every two minutes, but it appears that
it then just goes ahead and pull the full zones.

Since our masters are in multiple geographically dispersed data centers and
our zone files are over 100MB in size.  This presents a pretty significant
hit on our bandwidth of over 200GB / bandwidth / day.

Is there some setting I'm missing that tells pDNS to only pull zones from
the DB if the SOA serial has changed?

Here's a brief outline of our setup:

3 Locations:  Each with 1 Master + 3 slaves.   Masters are running pDNS 3.2
and slaves are running authoritative 3.3 w/ recursor 3.7.2
Postgres DB lives only in one location.

Thanks in advance.

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