[Pdns-users] PDNS does not send info for reverse DNS

abang abang at t-ipnet.net
Thu Sep 25 19:24:01 UTC 2014

In addition to Peter's hint:

I assume your dig is asking your Recursor on Port 53. So you have to advise the Recursor to forward queries for your local zones to your authoritative server on Port 5300.

Try this in the rcursor.conf:



On 25. September 2014 15:51:21 MESZ, Bart-Jan van Hummel <bvanhummel at openforest.nl> wrote:
>Hi All,
>I am using pdns-server 3.3.1 with pdns-recursor and pdns-backend-mysql
>After installing the almost everything is working perfectly, accept for
>the reverse DNS.
>To test powerDNS and powerDNS recursor I created a test network.
>It is a star VPN network with: - 1 main router - 2 subrouters.
>Behind each router I have clients, making use of the DNS which is
>behind the main router.
>Now here is what goes wrong with the reverse lookups:
>When I am behind the main router ( network):
>dig -x ==> answer 
>dig -x ==> answer
>dig -x ==> answer
>When I am behind the first router (
>dig -x ==> answer 
>dig -x ==> no answer
>dig -x ==> answer
>When I am behind the second router (
>dig -x ==> answer 
>dig -x ==> answer
>dig -x ==> no answer
>So it seems that it will not send an answer to me when I am asking for
>a reverse lookup, when I am in that network itself,
>unless I am in the main network.
>I tried everything from upgrading from pdns 3.1 to 3.3.1 to installing
>everything again etc.
>I just can't get it to work.
>Maybe you can help?
>Here are my config files:
>allow-recursion= cache-ttl=60 config-dir=/etc/powerdns
>daemon=yes disable-axfr=yes guardian=yes lazy-recursion=yes
>local-address= local-port=5300 log-dns-details=yes
>log-failed-updates=yes logfile=/var/log/pdns.log logging-facility=0
>loglevel=4 module-dir=/usr/lib/powerdns query-cache-ttl=60
>recursor= setgid=pdns setuid=pdns socket-dir=/var/run
>wildcard-url=yes gmysql-host=localhost gmysql-port=3306
>gmysql-dbname=pdns gmysql-password=Password gmysql-user=pdns
>::1/128, fe80::/10 local-address=, local-port=53
>log-common-errors=yes max-negative-ttl=3600 quiet=yes setuid=pdns
>version-string=PowerDNS Recursor 3.3 
>When starting the recursor I do see these messages:
>PowerDNS Recursor 3.6.1 (jenkins at autotest.powerdns.com) (C) 2001-2014
>PowerDNS.COM BV Using 32-bits mode. Built on 20140910211642 by
>buildd at babin.debian.org, gcc 4.7.2. PowerDNS comes with ABSOLUTELY NO
>WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
>according to the terms of the GPL version 2. Reading random entropy
>from '/dev/urandom' Only allowing queries from:,
>,,, ::1/128, fe80::/10 Will not
>send queries to:,,,
>,,, ::1/128, fe80::/10,
>, :: If using IPv6, please raise sysctl net.ipv6.route.max_size,
>currently set to 4096 which is < 16384 NOT using IPv6 for outgoing
>queries - set 'query-local-address6=::' to enable Redirecting queries
>for zone 'test.openforest.' to: Redirecting queries for
>zone '20.10.in-addr.arpa.' to: Inserting rfc 1918
>private space zones Exception: Resolver binding to server socket on
>port 53 for Address already in use
>So I mostly worry about this line, but don't know how to fix this:
>Will not send queries to:,,,
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