[Pdns-users] PDNS Authoritative server 2.9.22 on SLES V11?

Dan Campbell pdns at w3eta.net
Mon Sep 22 21:51:41 UTC 2014


Thanks for your reply.  We have cache-ttl=0 for other reasons, so I think we're ok on the security issue.

We built PDNS staticly from from source.

I have been hoping to upgrade PDNS and other components for a while.  Hopefully, I can use your recommendation to make that happen. 

Dan Campbell

On Sep 22, 2014, at 2:35 AM, bert hubert <bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl> wrote:

On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 06:13:15PM -0400, pdns at w3eta.net wrote:
> I manage a few PDNS v2.9.22 authoritative servers on SLES V10 and wee need to
> upgrade the OS to SLES V11. We would prefer not to upgrade PDNS.

We can only recommend that you do. 2.9.22 has known security issues, please
see http://doc.powerdns.com/html/powerdns-advisory-2012-01.html

You would need to run at least

> I was wondering -- does anyone of the list have experience with OS upgrades and
> v2.9.22? Specifically SLES V11?  I'm trying to gauge the risk in updrading just
> the OS and leaving PDNS alone.

The effects are hard to predict, depending on where you got your 2.9.22
binaries. If static, they might have issues with your very much newer

If dynamic, you might get a binary that doesn't start anymore.

We would really recommend upgrading to a version of PowerDNS Authoritative
Server that is current.


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