[Pdns-users] PDNS for a TLD...

Leo Vandewoestijne pdns at unicycle.net
Sun Oct 12 22:36:39 UTC 2014

> From: "Mark Scholten" <mark at streamservice.nl>
> Subject: Re: [Pdns-users] PDNS for a TLD...
> Don't forget that you need to add NS records to the foo zone for the domain and in the domain zone.
Not true per se; only if you delegate "something.foo".
And, even "dns.foo" doesn't have to be delegated.

Practical example?
Check `dig +trace @ a.fi soa`

So in "untechnical","policywise" language:
do you need to delegate authority ...?
If not, then maybe keep it simple (whichever method that is).

Leo Vandewoestijne


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