[Pdns-users] Delegated sub-domain behaviour

Stephen Dodge steve at thedodge.co.uk
Wed Jul 23 07:46:28 UTC 2014


We are a small MSP looking to move from a Windows DNS environment to PDNS.
We have two internet facing authoritative pdns servers with a mysql backend.
Each server also runs pdns-recursor to handle recursive queries for our
customer subnets.

All looks okay but I have a query about how delegated sub domains should be
handled.  For example -
we are authoritative for  'customer.com'  but our customer has requested a
delegation for a sub domain to another name server. i.e 'sub.customer.com'.
We simply have a NS record for sub.customer.com pointed to another dns
server which is hosted by a third party.

When I dig the original Windows DNS servers the answer is the A record
configured on the 3rd part name server.
When I dig our PDNS server the answer returned is the NS record only.
When I dig a different recursor which then in turn forwards the query onto
our PDNS servers the answer is the A record.

Is this the expected behaviour or should I be able to configure the
authoritative pdns server to provide a fully recursed answer?

I appreciate the help.  If you need any other info let me know.


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