[Pdns-users] LDAP schema

Marco de Booij marco.maillist at debooy.eu
Mon Feb 24 21:52:36 UTC 2014

op 24-02-14 22:00, Gavin Henry schreef:
>> I run a Debian Wheezy server and I just installed powerdns and the LDAP backend. The openLDAP I run uses the internal configuration and for that I need to insert the schema from an LDIF file. powerDNS is only installed with the dnsdomain2.schema which cannot be used directly. Is the dnsdomain2.ldif file somewhere available? I think that there are more people who need that file since this is the way that openLDAP is going to be configured. I already searched this maillist but could not find a question/reply and the internet did not help too.
> Hi Marco,
> It's pretty easy to convert any regular schema to an ldif version. Did you try?
> Thanks.
I did not try it yet. I should have but I thought that someone else 
would already have done this for powerDNS. It is the new way to 
configure openLDAP and it would be a lot easier if it was done once and 
added to the package so that not everybody has to do it each for themselves.

I will do the conversion this week. I am a bit short in time :-)



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