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Curtis Maurand curtis at maurand.com
Thu Aug 28 12:35:46 UTC 2014

I would also add that when a zone is removed fr9m a supermaster the zone os not removed from the slave.

On August 28, 2014 5:01:31 AM EDT, GB <gb at zurk.org> wrote:
>On 26.08.2014 12:28, Klaus Darilion wrote:
>> We do not use PDNS in y setup like you describe, nevertheless some
>> comments inline ...
>> On 25.08.2014 09:59, GB wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> maybe this is a little bit off topic on this list:
>>> We evaluating different DNS solutions because we want to replace our
>>> current dns infrastructure. Instead of BIND9 we are thinking about
>>> use PowerDNS because of some really nice features (e.g.database 
>>> backend,
>>> web based administration, fast,secure ...)
>>> Now we figured out that the DDNS(RFC 2136) is some kind of
>>> 'experimental' in PowerDNS. Before we do a PoC we want to ask if
>>> is any experience or best practice using PowerDNS as internal DNS
>>> mid-size or large companies instead of BIND9? Especially some
>>> information woukld be good if DDNS with ISC DHCP works like a charm.
>>> Additional we want to do a split-horizon setup and PowerDNS does not
>>> have 'views' like BIND. The question is now how to solve this
>>> (additional PowerDNS instances?). We have also read pro and contra 
>>> about
>>> the idea to use mysql replication (we plan to do a 'hidden
>>> Is
>>> mysql replication still recommended instead of zone transfer?
>> If you do DNS zone transfers between the master and the slaves, you
>> need some out-of-band provisioning for your slaves, e.g. if a zone is
>> added or removed, the slave needs to know about it. For adding zones 
>> you
>> could use the supermaster feature (but NOTIFYs may be missed
>> and then your slave is not provisioned), but there is no solution for
>> deleting zones.
>> If you use database based replication, then there is no need to care
>> about this things.
>>> We have
>>> around 700 clients which are using DDNS (ISC DHCP) and ~1500 server
>>> (fixed ip of course) located in different datacenter. Not too much
>>> still growing...
>> Did you say that you want database replication between 1500 servers?
>Sorry, it was a very bad description: We have around 700 client 
>workstations/laptops which are served by dhcp to get a ip address and 
>~1500 server which have static ip. The client address/hostnames need 
>also to be available by DNS. Therefore we use DDNS for the clients. The
>clients are spread in three different offices and the server also
>over different datacenter. The main architecture we currently thinking 
>about are based on traditional concepts/architecture (e.g. hidden 
>primary, split-horizon,...).
>Meanwhile we are testing PowerDNS. It seems not suitable for us because
>of different problems which we figured out with DDNS and the resolver 
>:-( We still keep an eye on PDNS and maybe in the future we give PDNS a
>try but at the moment it is not ready for production in our environment
>(with our special needs)...
>kind regards,
>> regards
>> Klaus
>>> The big question:
>>> Is PowerDNS a complete solution for a internal DNS infrastructure,
>>> we
>>> have to think about a mixed environment (PowerDNS/BIND) or should we
>>> still use bind in the future? Any recommendations, ideas or
>>> report would be appreciated...
>>> Thanks!
>>> Marco
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