[Pdns-users] Serever fail and problems with logging

Matthias Appel appel.matthias at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 16:01:19 UTC 2013

Hi fellow powerdns users,

I am running powerdns pdns 3.1-4 on a debian box and out of the blue I 
am getting "Server failed" responses when querying my 2 domains.
The server itself runs well because recursion is working.

So I wanted to look whats wrong and turned the logging in my 
configuration to 9.
So far so good, but no more information is ogged to syslog...I see the 
log entries when starting the server and that's it.

What I tried next is to run powerdns without daemonizing in the hope 
that the server will log to the console.
I even used the loglevel console swith to set loglevel to 9 but nothing 
is loggged...I see the startup of the server and then everything is quiet.

So my question is....why does pdns stop working all of a sudden 
(whithout changes of the configuration) and how can I find out what's 

What do I have to do to get detailed logging to troubleshoot this issue?

Thanks in advance,


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