[Pdns-users] 1 sec delay before DNS-answer at pdns-recursor

abang abang at t-ipnet.net
Wed Jun 26 06:19:45 UTC 2013

Hi Shamus,

PowerDNS Recursor not listening at ::1 by default. But localhost 
resolves (/etc/hosts) to ::1 at the first try. So dig's first query 
fails. After 1 second (don't know why 1 second because default timeout 
is 3s), dig tries again at and it works.

You have 3 possibilities:

1.) Force the Recursor to listen at ::1 (--local-address=,::1)
2.) Explicitly dig IPv4 (dig @ ...)
3.) Delete ::1 from /etc/hosts


Am 26.06.2013 00:26, schrieb Shamus Smith:
> Hello all,
> thanks for all your answers, but I'm still stuck. Below is the full
> output for dig for pdns and dnsmasq.
> The query time is 2 ms for the first uncached request and 0 ms for pdns
> and dnsmasq. However, the
> whole execution of the dig command takes over 1 second for pdns and
> below 30 ms for dnsmasq. The
> same for nslookup.

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