[Pdns-users] LDAP backend fork

Nikolaos Milas nmilas at admin.noa.gr
Mon Jan 21 11:45:52 UTC 2013

It is with great surprise and interest that I belatedly noticed your 
recent effort with the LDAP backend.

I had abandoned all hope that some development activity might happen 
with the ldap backend so, although a member, I had not been reading the 
pdns mailing list recently. In the past, I had devoted too much time and 
effort trying to generate some momentum to the ldap backend development, 
without success.

I continue to be a user of pdns ldap-backend, although, due to erratic 
behavior with LDAP backend to all versions after 2.9.22, I have been 
forced to live with 2.9.22.

So, first I must thank you.

Secondly, I am willing to help (as in the past) in any way I can help; 
yet, I am not a developer, therefore I cannot help with patches etc.

Yet, I can test, provide feedback and I can provide -as needed- access 
to a CentOS 5 64-bit VM for development and testing as well.

I have subscribed to your project mailing list, so we can continue our 
correspondence there.

Since you are a pdns list subscriber since long ago, I guess you are 
aware of my earlier messages about the status of the LDAP backend, but 
as a quick ref. you may want to see a wrap-up of issues I had recorded 
(when development stalled, 1.5 years ago):

    Bug 313 (ldapbackend sets TZ to UTC but should not) is fixed
    (according to all test reports). (But I don't know if the fix has
    been included in the ldap backend master source.)

    Bug 260 (LDAP backend doesn't try to reestablish connection once
    lost) could not be fixed by Bert when v3.0.0 was in preparation. A
    fix which was suggested was causing wrong query results. (More info
    in the list archives or available upon request.)

    [Bug 37 (old, closed)]:
    In the meantime I found that pdns_control does not work with the
    LDAP Backend to send Notify messages (although it should, according
    the documentation). This should be important for the completeness of
    PDNS with LDAP backend (see bug 37). Yet it's not crucial, thanks to
    third-party software:
    which works (this is what I am currently using).

    Ticket #318 (Master (Notify) functionality with ldap backend):
    Up to now, I was thinking that the absence of trigger support in
    LDAP was a reason why Master (Notify) functionality had not been
    included in the LDAP backend. Yet, as Fredrik Danerklint (of the
    MongoDB backend, whom I thank) has informed us, no triggering
    support is needed, because PDNS periodically asks the backends for
    fresh zones, providing them with a list of previously
    'notified_serials'. So, it should be trivial (by any developer) to
    extend the backend so as to identify changed serials and create a
    list of changed zones (as required for the Master functionality).

    No ticket: DNSSEC support
    It will need Developer(s) with DNSSEC knowledge! Backend (LDAP)
    Server capabilities should not pose insurmountable obstacles.

Thanks again and Regards,

On 12/12/2012 11:51 ΌΌ, Grégory Oestreicher wrote:

> Following a chat with the PowerDNS chaps on IRC I've decided to fork the LDAP
> backend.

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