[Pdns-users] MYSQL Replicated Slave Not Updating

Corey Touchet coreytouchet at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 09:14:18 UTC 2013

After a recent power outage we lost our primary and started fresh.  However we are now having issues with the primary updating the secondary.  We use SolusVM which uses powerDNS to handle DNS and rDNS for customers.  The problem is now that we have redone everything the secondary is not receiving updates and serving them.

We even reinstalled the secondary to see if that would help it still has issues.  The only real fix for DNS records has been completely deleting them out of the system and re-entering them.  during troubleshooting the replication counters and bin log numbers would stay in sync and update in sync with the master, yet the data would just not be there.

So far the DNS issues themselves seem to have been resolved, it's rDNS we keep getting complaints to the point we updated ARIN to not look at the secondary.

What steps are recommended to isolate what is causing this issue?


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