[Pdns-users] publish SPF and TXT records?

Arsen STASIC arsen.stasic at univie.ac.at
Thu Sep 6 14:15:27 UTC 2012

* Marc van de Geijn <marc at bhosted.nl> [2012-09-05 16:14 (+0000)]:
> According to rfc's the dns server should publish both spf and txt. We now create the spf, but not the txt version of the same spf.

Hi Marc,

Just take into consideration the ongoing IETF discussion about
obsoleting SPF RR.

12.1.  The SPF DNS Record Type

   Per [RFC4408], the IANA assigned the Resource Record Type and Qtype
   from the DNS Parameters Registry for the SPF RR type with code 99.
   The format of this type is identical to the TXT RR [RFC1035].  The
   character content of the record is encoded as [US-ASCII].  Use of
   this record type is obsolete for SPF Version 1.

   IANA is requested to add an annotation to the SPF RRTYPE saying
   "(OBSOLETE - use TXT)" in the DNS Parameters registry.

   [NOTE TO RFC EDITOR: (to be changed to " ... has added ..." upon

This is taken from the latest draft:

just my 2ct

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