[Pdns-users] Question about Packet Cache

George Fawcett ryan at info-struct.net
Fri Nov 2 04:47:57 UTC 2012


I'm using power DNS with the pipe backend to process the src IP address of
my request and look them up and return the best Geo Targeted IP address
based on Maxminds GEOIP Database.

This is a great solution but the number of queries per second isn't very
fast. It Only getting about 5000/qps.  An adapted pearl script I wrote can
do around 8500-10000/qps if I take the requests and read them from a file
rather then the named pipe.

I cannot turn on Query Cache because it will mess up my dynamic resolution.

My question is the packet cache going to have the same problem ?

Because its cache queries based on IP Packet does it also include the
source IP information as part of that ? If so if the source IP
where different would it cache them?

My hope is that the requests from the same DNS server would get the cache
result, Rather then dynamically resolve it again ?

I'm hoping to do about 12-15K qps out of solution.

If packet cache does store the source ip as part of the cache I think it
could really help my DNS performance issues.

Thanks for you help.

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