[Pdns-users] Pipe backend

Cosimo Streppone cosimo at streppone.it
Sun Jan 22 15:33:47 UTC 2012

On Sun, 22 Jan 2012 16:08:35 +0100, toor <lists at 1337.mx> wrote:

> I am having a few problems trying to get a perl script working with
> the pipe backend. [...]
> From what I can tell the response is right but it's just formatted
> badly, I get this error:
> 13343 Received: HELO    2Jan 22 23:04:02 Database module reported
> condition which prevented lookup (Coprocess backend sent incorrect
> response 'DATA testdomain.com IN SOA 3600 1 ns1.testdomain.com.
> dns.testdomain.com. 2011101801 14400 120 1209600 3600') sending out
> servfail

I had a similar problem when writing my pipe backend program, also in Perl.
I think the problem originated from copying some examples found on the net.

My pipe backend outputs SOA results as:

   [ $qname, $qclass, 'SOA', 86400, -1, $soa_str ];

where $soa_str is a string (using *space* as separator) like:

   "geo1.opera.com. hostmaster.opera.com. 2011111601 28800 3600 604800  

So, the pipe backend replies to a SOA query with:

   DATA \t testdomain.com \t IN \t SOA \t 86400 \t -1 \t $soa_str

The last element, $soa_str, the actual SOA record, should be *space*  
_not_ tab delimited. That was my error, at least.


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