[Pdns-users] Strange problem with powerdns and keepalived

Rory Toma rory at ooma.com
Tue Jan 24 01:42:16 UTC 2012

I'm not sure that this is a powerdns problem, per se, but it seems to 
only affect powerdns.

I have a keepalived setup using a /16 network. When pdns binds to the 
keepalived port, udp queries work just fine, but tcp queries fail with a 
"tcp port domain unreachable".

This seems to only affect the keepalived IP. Other IP's that have been 
bound to by powerdns work just fine.

I have an exact duplicate of this setup using /24's, and everything 
works fine.

Is there some obscure setting I'm missing? I'm running pdns (I 
can't upgrade to newer because I rely on a specific behavior in this 

This is also on 64-bit linux.


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