[Pdns-users] Pdns answer for non-existing zones

Peter van Dijk peter.van.dijk at netherlabs.nl
Thu Feb 23 15:41:45 UTC 2012


On Feb 23, 2012, at 16:40 , Gaƫtan Allart wrote:

> Hello Peter,
> Right, but technically, a serverfail reply makes the end-user (browser,
> os) rely on other DNS servers for resolving the zone. Whereas the reply
> provided by 3.0.1 does not.
> This night, after the upgrade, we had thousands of websites that went down
> (50% time when query got on pdns without zone) because of this change.
> Emergency solution has been to shut powerdns down and make websites rely
> on primary dns only, they went back online immediately.

Again, both the and 3.0.1 responses should cause recursors to try the other nameserver; additionally, SERVFAIL caused other problems, which is why we moved to NOERROR.

What you are reporting is not a bug and we cannot support your situation. You are likely to have bundles of hidden breakage in your setup, even with the behaviour.

Kind regards,
Peter van Dijk

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