[Pdns-users] Few query about PDNS

abang abang at t-ipnet.net
Mon Dec 17 12:30:23 UTC 2012

It seems to be modern, to try to solve all problems with DNS. But DNS is 
neither a router nor a load balancer and certainly not a HA cluster.

"Always use the proper tool. If the proper tool isn't available, use a 
hammer." (Lt. Commander Montgomery „Scotty“ Scott)

Am 17.12.2012 12:59, schrieb Peter van Dijk:
> Hello,
> On Dec 17, 2012, at 12:39 , Marc Haber wrote:
>> On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 10:17:59AM +0530, Manish Rane wrote:
>>> By the way PDNS Development Team can think of such feature and probably
>>> include in upcoming release? That would make the product more versatile and
>>> complete.
>> In my opinion, this does not belong into a DNS server. PowerDNS has
>> versatile backends and flexible interfaces to avoid bloat in PowerDNS
>> itself.
> Well said.
> If this were to happen 'inside' of PowerDNS, it would happen in a backend written
> for this purpose.
> However, as the original poster and at least one reply have pointed out, there
> are several ways to make this happen without changing PowerDNS:
> 1) a pipebackend or remotebackend script that decides what A to respond based
> on some external state (from Nagios perhaps).
> 2) a script that updates your MySQL database based on said external state.
> We don't have scripts for either 1) or 2) ready, but some other people might.
> Such scripts are not hard to write.
> One pointer: make sure to disable or lower the default cache timeouts in PowerDNS
> if you want quick fail overs.
> Kind regards,

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