[Pdns-users] MySQL Multi-Master configuration?

Peter van Dijk peter.van.dijk at netherlabs.nl
Sun Sep 18 17:52:13 UTC 2011

On Sep 17, 2011, at 9:40 PM, Jon Davis wrote:

> You have to screw up purdy bad to break it. The only major concerns I have are replication failing. openvpn failing (and replication failing)... but the biggest concern is user error (IE "update `records` set content='1.2.3' where 1"... whoops).

http://www.maatkit.org/doc/mk-slave-delay.html (set to a few minutes) combined with a big red (virtual) button to kill all mysql replication is a great way to protect your slaves against these risks.

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Peter van Dijk

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