[Pdns-users] Constantly increasing memory usage

admin at cu.cc admin at cu.cc
Tue Oct 18 13:02:15 UTC 2011

Hi Guys,

Thank you for taking the time to look into the issue.
I checked "pdns_control version" command and it returns that the version 
is 2.9.21

*BH*, I have attached the config file, let me know if you have any 
problems accessing it, since I am not sure how this mailing list works.
Our error log file is 17K lines so I have just attached the last 1000 
results since the types of errors are pretty much identical.
When I ran the command "pdns_control list" it gives me:
Apart from the basic ones I have not made any additional settings to 
I read this http://doc.powerdns.com/upgrades.html and if I have to be 
honest I was not able to understand a great part of it. I started 
learning server administration only just recently so I am a newbie. I 
have a partner who handles that, but he will be unavailable for the next 
few months for personal reasons, so I am currently trying to deal with it.

*Stefan*, you are right about this: I left max-cache-entries and 
cache-ttl, negquery-cache-ttl, query-cache-ttl and recursive-cache-ttl 
unconfigured (BTW I do not see max-cache-entries is that its exact name 
or shall I add a new line with it in pdns.conf?). Could you please give 
me an idea of what values should I put there and how would that affect 
performance? There are quite a few combinations and I am not sure if I 
will be able to tweak them accordingly.
"The same goes for MySQL as well of course." - Sorry I don't understand 
that, could you please clarify? What do I need to set to MySQL?

*Nils*, sorry about not confirming the packages at the very beginning. 
It was installed as part of another product we bought some time ago and 
only when we had to move servers recently did we realize that we are 
actually using PowerDNS. As mentioned above I confirm that the package 
is version 2.9.21 by running the command *pdns_control version* I think 
it was installed from a binary image, but again I am not 100% sure on 
that either. BTW when I ran: root at cu [~]# rpm -q pdns-server it gives me 
an error message:
package pdns-server is not installed. And when I ran rpm -qa pdns-server 
it did not return anything.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

BH wrote:
> Hi Preslav,
> I run over 120,000 domains from a mySQL database and my memory usage
> averages about 200mb.
> Are you able to paste your config (redact the sensitive parts such as
> database details)? It would help to see the exact config thats running.
> Have you had a look at the syslogs to see if any errors are being
> reported there? Are you able to also paste the output of "pdns_control
> list"?
> It might be worth upgrading to the latest release (version 3) now too if
> thats possible.
> Regards
> On 17/10/2011 11:40 PM,admin at cu.cc  wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am not sure is this is the right email to contact, but here is my issue:
>> We are using power dns 2.9.21 (We had that installed for us, so I am not
>> 100% sure if this is really the exact version, is there a way to
>> check?). The installation is myslq backended running on centos-5-x86_64
>> VPS. We are offering a free domain registration and have more that 20
>> 000 domains for which provide free DNS services. The problem is that in
>> the last few weeks when the server is started its ram would constantly
>> increase until it reached 10GB and our VPS crashed. Once we run the
>> command /etc/init.d/pdns restart the ram of the VPS gets back to normal
>> levels of 700-1000 MB. This was happening every 2-3 hours yesterday and
>> we were forced to set a cronjob that would restart pdns every hour to
>> avoid server downtime, but it is not a permanent resolution. I have read
>> in forums people discussing that this is a bug which is caused by failed
>> MySQL connections that are not completely closed and gather with the
>> time and little by little consume the whole server memory. This was
>> mainly noticed on configurations with less traffic. The difference with
>> us however is that we have around 10K visitors per day on our main site
>> only, so I am not sure if the problem is identical.
>> Please advise how to resolve this issue.
>> Best regards,
>> Preslav
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