[Pdns-users] MongoDB Backend merged Re: Mongo DB and PowerDNS part 3: Now with DNSSEC

fredrik danerklint fredan-pdns at fredan.org
Thu May 26 21:59:55 UTC 2011

> On 26/5/2011 3:44 ΌΌ, fredrik danerklint wrote:
> > Nick,
> > 
> > To answer all of your questions, please take a look at the source file
> > 'communicator.cc'. At the end of that file there is a function called
> > "void CommunicatorClass::mainloop(void)" that checks slave and master
> > every other 'slave-cycle-interval' seconds (parameter taken from the
> > pdns.conf file). I assume that this function is running in a seperate
> > thread.
> > 
> > This is how PowerDNS knows when to send a update to other nameservers.
> Actually, I am afraid things do not work like that. 

And I'm afraid that it does work like this. Hopefully Bert can answer better 
than I can on this.

Please take a look at the file that I sad earlier that you should.

Have you read the documentation about writeing a backend?

It says that the backend only needs to have these two function to functions as 
a master backend and that what's I have done with the MongoDB backend.


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