[Pdns-users] FreeBSD port?

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Thu May 12 08:21:47 UTC 2011

Hi Ralf,

Ralf van der Enden wrote:
> Hi Charles,
> I've been working on updating the powerdns-devel port on FreeBSD (as I'm
> the maintainer). Unfortunately having a 10month old son really cuts into
> my free time, which is mostly spend around him and my girlfriend.
> So I haven't come around to submitting my work to the ports tree yet,
> but my local version is working fine at the moment.

Ah, well that's a good reason to not do work for no pay!

I'll try it out.  I was just trying to build 3.0-RC2 from source and ran
into issues with the pipe backend compile failing.  I'll give your port
a try.

> To make it available to daredevils like you (since pdns is  not final
> yet) I've tar'd the port and put it online. You can download it here:
> http://www.cainites.net/files/powerdns/
> You should delete or rename the original /usr/ports/dns/powerdns-devel
> and then unpack the tarball from /usr/ports
> Everything else should work as you're used to with the regular port
> (make config, install, etc.).

Excellent.  I'll report back.  If you get more feedback on this perhaps
someone could commit it?

> Quick note: the -devel port conflicts with the regular one, so you'll
> need to deinstall dns/powerdns or use portmaster/portupgrade to move
> from the regular port to devel!
> Also, make sure to check out http://powerdnssec.org for information
> regarding the new version, like DNSSEC mode (including necessary db
> schema changes), release notes, etc.

Will do, but this is my first shot at PDNS.  Since we need to evaluate
DNSSEC support, I have to live on the bleeding edge. :)



> Best regards,
> Ralf van der Enden
> On 12-5-2011 7:17, Charles Sprickman wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Just wanted to check if there are any FreeBSD folks here using the 3.0
>> RCs.  It looks like the official "port" is quite outdated:
>> http://www.freshports.org/dns/powerdns-devel
>> Last real update was in 2008, everything else was general FreeBSD ports
>> changes.  The maintainer doesn't seem to be doing any of the current
>> updates.  If any FreeBSD PowerDNS users are skilled enough to keep this
>> building properly on FreeBSD, the "freebsd-ports at freebsd.org" mailing
>> list would probably be happy to hear about someone wanting to take over
>> maintainership of the port.
>> Anything I should be aware of when building 3.0-RCx from source on
>> FreeBSD 8.x?
>> Thanks,
>> Charles
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