[Pdns-users] FreeBSD port?

Ralf van der Enden tremere at cainites.net
Thu May 12 07:51:42 UTC 2011

Hi Charles,

I've been working on updating the powerdns-devel port on FreeBSD (as I'm 
the maintainer). Unfortunately having a 10month old son really cuts into 
my free time, which is mostly spend around him and my girlfriend.
So I haven't come around to submitting my work to the ports tree yet, 
but my local version is working fine at the moment.

To make it available to daredevils like you (since pdns is  not final 
yet) I've tar'd the port and put it online. You can download it here:


You should delete or rename the original /usr/ports/dns/powerdns-devel 
and then unpack the tarball from /usr/ports

Everything else should work as you're used to with the regular port 
(make config, install, etc.).
Quick note: the -devel port conflicts with the regular one, so you'll 
need to deinstall dns/powerdns or use portmaster/portupgrade to move 
from the regular port to devel!

Also, make sure to check out http://powerdnssec.org for information 
regarding the new version, like DNSSEC mode (including necessary db 
schema changes), release notes, etc.

Best regards,

Ralf van der Enden

On 12-5-2011 7:17, Charles Sprickman wrote:
> Hello,
> Just wanted to check if there are any FreeBSD folks here using the 3.0
> RCs.  It looks like the official "port" is quite outdated:
> http://www.freshports.org/dns/powerdns-devel
> Last real update was in 2008, everything else was general FreeBSD ports
> changes.  The maintainer doesn't seem to be doing any of the current
> updates.  If any FreeBSD PowerDNS users are skilled enough to keep this
> building properly on FreeBSD, the "freebsd-ports at freebsd.org" mailing
> list would probably be happy to hear about someone wanting to take over
> maintainership of the port.
> Anything I should be aware of when building 3.0-RCx from source on
> FreeBSD 8.x?
> Thanks,
> Charles
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