[Pdns-users] Sorting of DNS responses

Nick Milas nmilas at admin.noa.gr
Mon May 2 08:25:57 UTC 2011

On 2/5/2011 10:00 ðì, Roland Schwingel wrote:

> I subscribed the day I wrote this post and have read the posts
> appearing since
> than about the LDAP backend. I am a bit astonished about this. In my
> eyes the LDAP backend is THE key benefit of powerdns. The easiness in
> setting
> it up and it's robustness was the key decision point for me to use
> powerdns
> instead of any other solution.

I agree; So, please post your comment in that thread too! If you think 
of anything that would help (by finding developer(s) or funding for) the 
project, please give your feedback. Note that the LDAP backend will not 
be removed from v3.0, but -if left umaintained- it will not include any 
improvements whatsoever. I am doing what I can to avoid this.

I have recently provided (enough, I hope) evidence that the LDAP backend 
should remain alive and kicking for many reasons.

> I am using it in strict mode as it was more straight forward for me
> to set up.

I assume that you don't have any public networks, because with strict 
mode you can't have AXFR for reverse zones.

> Thanks for this tip. I see what I can do here on my side to give it a
> try.
> I was also thinking about hacking the resolving of these hosts into
> pipe backend
> but this is not the ideal solutiong for me.
In fact, it's not a workaround/tip. It's a different approach, which I 
believe is better. If you want/need more technical details for the 
implementation I suggested, I can provide, although it's 
straightforward. The problem in your case - if you follow this plan - is 
probably that you would have to modify practically all your RRs (but it 
will only be needed once and you'll never need to mess-up with DNS 
server configuration for sortlist etc.).

> I honestly hope that the LDAP backend will survive in pdns 3.0 as it
> is (in my eyes) one of the most vital features of pdns and PowerDNS will
> definitely loose a big key feature if it would go away!

Even included in unmaintained status, I have come to believe that the 
whole project may be harmed.

> And I also hope that some kind of sortlist feature will find its way
> into pdns soon.
> I don't thing that sorting of replies is so uncommon, so pdns should
> support it.
> In the meantime I have to find a different solution for my problem.
The project's developers should comment on it. You should file a ticket 
here for your request: http://wiki.powerdns.com/trac/ - mention that you 
want this for the LDAP backend. I don't know if this would be a 
backend-specific implementation or it can be done at the main software 

All the best,

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