[Pdns-users] Status of the LDAP backend in 3.0 release

Nick Milas nmilas at admin.noa.gr
Sun May 1 08:58:37 UTC 2011

On 30/4/2011 2:09 μμ, Angel Bosch Mora wrote:

>   there's also bindings for every coding language, so as you said anyone can create their own tool.

I forgot to comment that you are very right in that. For example:

    * PHP ldap bindings are great (we have used this API in our web
      application which I mentioned). (Pear also includes Net_LDAP2 as
      an object oriented API.)
    * Also there is http://www.unboundid.com/products/ldapsdk/ for Java
      which is allegedly better than (now Oracle's) JNDI. There is also
      Novell's JLDAP.
    * Perl includes Net::LDAP.
    * For JSP, one might want to see:
          o http://www.lumdev.net/node/3824
          o http://www.lumdev.net/node/3861
    * For MS ASP.net System.DirectoryServices, check:
          o http://forums.asp.net/p/907421/1007517.aspx
    * Mono ASP.net framework ships with Novell.Directory.Ldap library
      and probably others too.

The only drawback, of course, is that it takes time and resources to do 
one's own development!

So, specialized open-source applications like for example GoSA and 
PowerDNS Administrator (works only with SQL backend) in many cases offer 
administrators very useful tools with a fraction of the otherwise 
required effort.


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