[Pdns-users] Sorting of DNS responses

Nick Milas nmilas at admin.noa.gr
Sun May 1 16:03:23 UTC 2011

On 29/4/2011 10:43 πΌ, Roland Schwingel wrote:

> I am using pdns 2.9.22 with ldap backend for many months now. It works 
> very nice and without troubles.Thanks for this...
> Maybe I am too dump to find this in the docu but I need to sort the 
> responses of dns replies according to where the request comes from. 
> Similar to the sortlist feature of bind.
Hi Roland,

I am happy to hear that you are one more user of the LDAP backend; we 
have a hard time identifying such users and as a result the LDAP backend 
is in a bit of a possible crisis, I'm afraid... (I assume you must have 
only now subscribed to this list.)

BIND statements rrset-order and sortlist don't seem to be supported with 
any PowerDNS backend, neither in LDAP backend.

Are you using LDAP DNS simple style or tree style?

One workaround would be to have a different virtual (i.e. without its 
own NS records and without a SOA record) subdomain ("subzone") for each 
network; for example: ----> sub0.my.net ----> sub1.my.net ----> sub2.my.net ----> sub4.my.net

Then, you would define different names for the host in each network; for 
myhost.sub0.my.net ----->
myhost.sub1.my.net ----->
myhost.sub2.my.net ----->
myhost.sub4.my.net ----->

(it doesn't have to be .11 everywhere, but I guess it's more convenient 
from an admin viewpoint.)

This is what we are doing in our networks (we were doing so even with 
BIND, before using PowerDNS with LDAP backend). I believe this is a more 
flexible, scalable and a much more admin-friendly approach.


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