[Pdns-users] PowerDNS + Redis, using PyPdnsRedis

Bjarni RĂșnar Einarsson bre at pagekite.net
Fri Mar 18 16:40:40 UTC 2011

2011/3/18 Jan-Piet Mens <jpmens.dns at gmail.com>:
>> Python pipe-backend for using Redis with PowerDNS
> Very interesting. Thanks for the heads-up! That's the second "NoSQL"
> implementation that I know of. (Wonders if frederik has had luck with
> MongoDB...)

DNS data is not very relational by nature, so they seem like a good fit. :-)

Out of curiosity, is there a FAQ somewhere discussing the performance
limitations of the pipe-backend?

I have very light load at the moment, as the pagekite.net service is
new, but it would be useful to understand at what point I should
expect to start having trouble, and what symptoms to look out for.

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