[Pdns-users] Some sites are not resolving

Kenneth Marshall ktm at rice.edu
Tue Mar 15 12:46:06 UTC 2011

On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 11:52:34AM +0000, Maroon Ibrahim wrote:
> Dear Sirs,
> I have PDNS Recursor installed and everything is working properly except the following problem
> I can't resolve www.indevcogroup.com knowing that if I use our ISP's DNS it will resolve normally... is there a way to solve this problem?
One of their nameservers is messed up. If you get the right one
it will work, otherwise it will not. Your ISP could also have
a cached copy which would allow it to seem to work. You should
contact their domain admin.

> nslookup -type=ns indevcogroup.com
Server:  dns-b.net.rice.edu

Non-authoritative answer:
indevcogroup.com        nameserver = ns1.sodetel.net.lb
indevcogroup.com        nameserver = ns2.sodetel.net.lb

> nslookup www.indevcogroup.com
Server:  ns1.sodetel.net.lb

Name:    www.indevcogroup.com

> nslookup www.indevcogroup.com
*** Can't find server name for address Query refused
*** Default servers are not available


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