[Pdns-users] low TTL, recursor and preresolve

Alfred B. M. Cordero otto-pilot at hushmail.com
Thu Mar 17 17:44:37 UTC 2011

There was a suggestion to try to alter a low TTL using the lua 
This may be common knowledge but it may help someone else.

The preresolve function takes a request and does something based on 
some conditional, then returns the result. If the condition isn't 
met then the query proceeds as normal. When the condition is met 
then that's the end of the query and some defaults are returned 
along with anything you want to alter. But no ip address, etc. is 
returned as a query never happened, preresolve intercepted the 
query. The real feature needed will be the postresolve feature. 
Then just ttl can be modified and returned with all the other data.

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