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> I have a directory of reverse DNS zones exported into txt files from a
> proprietary DNS system (not bind).  They are exported in valid BIND
> format, unfortunately, they did not include a named.conf file.
I think, you only need a very minimal named.conf, which may be generated
via a small shell-script:

        echo 'options {
                directory "/path/to/zonefile-directory";
        };' > named.conf
        while read domain; do
                echo "zone \"${domain}\" {
                        type master;
                        file \"${domain}\";
                };" >> named.conf
        done < domainlist

Maybe, this small script will do the job, if the name of the zonefile is 
identical to the domainname, for which the zonefile is for (path has to
be adjusted and the domains should be listet in the file "domainlist").
Please do *not* overwrite an existing named.conf, if you have one, because
in real "named.conf", ther maybe lots of more entries (about rights to
access Zones or initiate zone-transfers, about logging, etc.).
	Juergen Ilse			(juergen at usenet-verwaltung.de)
Ein Domainname (auch wenn er Teil einer Mailadresse ist) ist nur ein Name,
nicht mehr und nicht weniger ...

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