[Pdns-users] sqlite performance

Mark Felder feld at feld.me
Fri Jan 21 18:26:29 UTC 2011

Does anyone here have experience running sqlite as their backend for  

Lately I've been prodded to get a timeline setup to revamp our current DNS  
architecture and implement what I've been envisoning. Unfortunately we  
have DNS servers on the same machines as public facing webservers. Sadly  
we can't move these quite yet (but it is slated to be done this year), and  
a few people seem slightly concerned about running a database server on  
those machines as well. As a stop gap and to get us up and running on  
PowerDNS I figure running sqlite might not be a bad idea. Honestly, we're  
talking about less than 3000 domains that will be hosted. My only personal  
concern is the lack of REALLY good utilities for managing sqlite and not  
being able to talk to the sqlite database remotely....

But still, anyone have any thoughts on running PowerDNS on sqlite?



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