[Pdns-users] authoritative server freezes while processing NOTIFYs

Richard Poole richard.poole at heartinternet.co.uk
Wed Feb 16 10:53:05 UTC 2011

We have a setup with a non-public master and two publicly visible
slaves. All three servers are using the bind backend. Sometimes we need to
change many zones, say about 2000, at the same time, causing the master to
send out 2000 NOTIFYs to the slaves. We find that while they're processing
them and doing the corresponding zone transfers from the master, they
frequently stop replying to incoming queries for several seconds at a
time. Has anyone else seen this? Is it something we can fix by different
configuration, or a consequence of having a lot of simultaneous NOTIFYs
being processed, or a consequence of using the bind backend?

We are running with retrieval-threads=1 and distributor-threads=1 -
I can give the rest of our conf if anyone thinks it's relevant but most
of it is left at defaults.



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