[Pdns-users] Compiling 3.0 on OpenBSD

Rickard Dahlstrand rd at tilde.se
Sat Dec 17 11:34:15 UTC 2011

Hi Peter,

That worked wonderfully, thanks. 


16 dec 2011 kl. 12:46 skrev Peter van Dijk:

> Hello Rickard,
> On Dec 15, 2011, at 22:32 , Rickard Dahlstrand wrote:
>> Thought I try something else than BIND and NSD, but running configure on my OpenBSD-box only gives me this error message. Any help here?
>> configure: error: cannot not find the flags to link with Boost serialization
>> Does anyone have an idea on how to continue or have a working openbsd-installation?
> Building on OpenBSD certainly is not straightforward with the current PowerDNS version.
> Assuming you are working from  http://powerdnssec.org/downloads/pdns-3.1-pre.20111215.2319.tar.gz as Bert suggested, this appears to work for me:
> 1. apply the attached patch
> 2. ./configure CXXFLAGS=-pthread --with-modules='gmysql pipe'
> 3. cd modules ; make ; cd ..
> 4. cd pdns/ext/polarssl; make; cd ../../..
> 5. cd pdns; make pdns_server
> This yields a pdns_server binary and two loadable backends (gmysql and pipe).
> I have not tried running it ;)
> Please let me know how building (and perhaps running) with these tweaks works out for you, so we can make these fixes more permanent in the PowerDNS tree.
> Also, please let us know when you run into further trouble, compiling other parts of PowerDNS perhaps. For modules other than gmysql that don't work, the Makefile.in bit from the attached patch is likely to help too.
> Kind regards,
> Peter van Dijk
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