[Pdns-users] Hidden slave doesn't retreive domain from master

Posner, Sebastian s.posner at telekom.de
Thu Aug 25 19:42:56 UTC 2011

Enrico van Goor wrote:

> > > Aug 25 13:22:44 Unable to find backend willing to host example.org for
> > > potential supermaster
> > > The IP of the nameserver isn't is the NS records of the domain and
> > > isn't meant to. When I do add the NS record, the AXFR does work.

> > The supermasters table needs an entry for the hidden master. Something like:
> >     ip                                   nameserver                   
> >                      account
> >     <hidden master ip>    <name of primary nameserver>        internal
> >
> > Do you already have such an entry?
> Yes, the supermasters table does have an entry for the hidden master.

The problem is in your backend. Not all backends support
superslave-operations, as this mode needs the ability to
dynamically create new zones.

Which backend(s) do you use and how are they configured?

kind regards,

Sebastian Posner
AM Data Center Services, Shared Infrastructure
Deutsche Telekom AG, Products & Innovation

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