[Pdns-users] Delegation Test Script

Posner, Sebastian s.posner at telekom.de
Mon Aug 8 11:55:04 UTC 2011

John Macleod wrote:
> This is slightly unspecific to pdns...
> I am looking for a script to test the current delegation of zones
> within our pdns installation.
> Effectively...
> - Grab zone out of db
> - Poke root...
> - Poke parent
> - NS is one of our IPs, yes or no
> Searches have yielded surprisingly nothing on this so I wondered what
> the community had, if anything.

It's nothing powerdns-specific, but for externally visible
domains I found DNS Bajaj very helpful; recursively queries
every nameserver said to be authoritative for the given domain 
and displays delegations graphically.


But definately not suiteable to bulk queries due to the UI..



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