[Pdns-users] issues using the recursive-cache-ttl on powerdns 3.0rc2

Vasiliy G Tolstov v.tolstov at selfip.ru
Wed Apr 20 06:04:04 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-04-19 at 22:05 +0200, bert hubert wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 01:14:45PM -0600, Bauer, Steven J. wrote:
> > I have a linux machine configured with the powerdns server 3.0rc2 as an
> > authoritive server using the gmysql backend.  This server is configured to
> > handle recursive queries for the local campus as well by handling the
> > request over the recursive resolver.
> Hi Steven!
> > The issue that I am seeing is that the first time a request is handled
> > over to the recursive resolver (ie www.news.com), I get the correct
> > results for the query.  Then if I duplicate the query again before the
> > timeout of set by the recursive-cache-ttl expires, I get the following
> > error when using nslookup:
> Well spotted. As part of a recent cleanup, we removed certain functions we
> thought were duplicates within PowerDNS. One of these duplicates turned out
> not to be.
> This in effect meant we were storing empty packets in the cache, and serving
> them as answers to subsequent questions.
> Can you verify against
> http://powerdnssec.org/downloads/pdns-3.0-rc2.20110419.2176.tar.gz
> or the associated packages on http://powerdnssec.org/downloads/packages/ ?
> That would be most appreciated.
> Changelog http://wiki.powerdns.com/trac/changeset/2176
> Regression tests:
> http://powerdnssec.org/downloads/regression-test-results-2176.txt
> Kind regards,
> Bert Hubert

Sometimes ago i send e-mail about this problem. But not recive any
answer. I'm try to... =)

Vasiliy G Tolstov <v.tolstov at selfip.ru>

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